oUR MenU fOR Lunch….

Posted on: April 17, 2009


PadpRik HaRLiNa

INgReDiEnts :

3 sH4LLots
1 Red cHiLLiE
2 GaRLic
250 g cHickEn/bEef FiLLet ~ cUt inTo tHin stRips
bLack PepPeR
cHiLLiE p0wdER
1 Lem0n gRass ~ bRuisEd OR KAfFiR LEaVEs
1 oNiOn ~ cUt inTo RiNgs
1 tAbLesp0On cHiLLiE sAUcE
1 tAbLesp0On ToMaTo sAUcE
1 tAbLesp0On SoY4 sAUcE
TomY4m cUbE
Ve9EtAbLes ~ caRRot, fRench bEans, ToMaTo, etc
Lem0n juicE

MethOd :

1. MaRiNaT3 cHickEn/bEef FiLLet With sALt, PepPeR and cHiLLiE p0wdER.
2. Add in c0RnfLoUR and Mix WeLL.
3. HEat a Bit of OiL in a sMaLL Pan and stiR-fRy th3 MaRiNaT3d mEat fOR a wHiLe. Rem0VE and sEt aSidE.
4. PoUnd sH4LLots, Red cHiLLiE and GaRLic.
5. HEat OiL in anOth3R Pan and add in th3 p0UndEd iNgReDiEnts and th3 TomY4m cUbE. FRy tiLL fRagRant.
6. Add in th3 stiR-fRiEd mEat and c0ok tiLL dOn3.
7. Add in th3 cHiLLiE sAUcE, ToMaTo sAUcE and SoY4 sAUcE. Add in a Bit of WaT3R if YoU Want m0Re gRavy.
8. Add in th3 VE9EtAbLes, Lem0n gRass (oR KAfFiR LEaVEs) and oNiOn.
9. SeRVE With pLAin wHiT3 RicE.


2 Tanggapan to "oUR MenU fOR Lunch…."

Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing. I’ll certainly be coming back to your blog.

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