Light Of HoPe

Posted on: April 18, 2009

HaVE YoU eVER Watch3d SAiLoRm0on?! 😀
I H4VE… and i Was a TotALLy Fan of h3R!!
In SoMe ePiSodEs th3y WeRe tALKiNg ab0ut “th3 Light of hOPe”


I tHink… tHis is Min3.
THis is th3 REaL Me.
TiRed, Lon3Ly, sAd, and hOLDiNg on my Last Light, my Last ButT3RfLy, To Find th3 tHiNgs im sEaRcHiNg fOR.
Hmmmm 🙂


4 Tanggapan to "Light Of HoPe"

A fold ray from far star over there. Actually, leads to you and gives light to return at your hope. The warmness love from nocturnal star will draw near your. So don’t to be so sad. He paying attention to your.


salam DR,

Hey boleh kenalan nggak ……………? …………!

So… Whose Serenity you are???

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