Posted on: Mei 29, 2009

Th3 MButi tRibE H4s LiVEd in th3 ItURu FoRest fOR ManY thOusAnds of yEaRs and nOw th3y’VE Lost th3iR tRaDitiONaL HuntiNg gRoUnds To Log9ERs H4cKiNg th3 tRoPicaL W0Ods.

Wh3n th3iR fORest hOMe H4s DisAppEaRed, PygMiEs bEc0Me PaUPeRs.


THis phOTogRaph is UNBELIEVABLE! I can fEEL th3 stARe in th3 LittLe b0y’s eYes.

PictURe by McMaRcLoUWes (1985)


1 Response to "PygMeE"

After I see their pictures, I can close my eyes, I can close my ears…
but, I can’t close my heart.

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