Posted on: Juni 26, 2009

DEath CoMes UnnOticEd As OuR DisAppEaRancE Is REaLi2ed. AfT3R th3 dEath of a cLosE FaMiLy MembER I caMe To th3 REaLizAtiOn tH4t I am aLSo m0RtAL.

Peaceful Graveyard

Peaceful Graveyard2

SoMeD4y I WiLL dEFiNiT3Ly DiE.


3 Tanggapan to "PEacEFuL GRaVEY4Rd"

where is that graveyard on the pictures located..??

We see death every day, the fallen leaves, the empty sound, the broken ice, everything come to an end since they have their begining…

I think we still joyful for the peaceful moment, then everytime we have death walk side by side with a smiling face of an angel.

Ah…, death shall no more a fearsome circumstance, but a joyful and peaceful moment in a life time.

mmm… tempat yg asyik bwt kemping neh….

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