ARe YoU upsEt LittLe fRiEnd?

Posted on: Oktober 13, 2009


ARe YoU upsEt LittLe fRiEnd? HaVE YoU bEen LYiNg aWakE W0RRYiNg?

WeLL, dOn’t W0RRy… I’m h3Re. Th3 fLoOd WaT3Rs WiLL RecEdE, th3 FaMin3 WiLL end, th3 5un WiLL sHin3 Tom0RRow, and I WiLL aLWays bE h3Re To tAkE caRe of YoU.
(CH4RLiE BRown To SnOopy)


PictURe: LisA M (PixxL)
TH4nks LisA ^_^

5 Tanggapan to "ARe YoU upsEt LittLe fRiEnd?"

I Like your pic… šŸ™‚

adaa iaa yang kayaa gituuu…. heheheeee like this

keren juga gambarnya…

I think she is not upset, just wondering your long lost voice…

I always wait for a smile from you…” in my blog… šŸ™‚ about lifestyle on the net

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