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CospLay isn’t just dResSiNg up, instEad it’s ab0ut tAKiNg th3 PeRSoNaLity of th3 cH4RacT3R YoU aRe dResSiNg up as.

YoU can H4VE YoUR aLT3R eg0 h3Re.



ARe YoU upsEt LittLe fRiEnd? HaVE YoU bEen LYiNg aWakE W0RRYiNg?

WeLL, dOn’t W0RRy… I’m h3Re. Th3 fLoOd WaT3Rs WiLL RecEdE, th3 FaMin3 WiLL end, th3 5un WiLL sHin3 Tom0RRow, and I WiLL aLWays bE h3Re To tAkE caRe of YoU.
(CH4RLiE BRown To SnOopy)


PictURe: LisA M (PixxL)
TH4nks LisA ^_^


i tHink Rob0ts LikE tHis aRe pRetty c0oL… We can dEFiNiT3Ly usE it To oUR bEn3Fit… wH4t i W0RRy ab0ut th3 m0st is tH4t We’LL ReLy ToO hEaViLy on it and it’s g0iNg To RepLacE FutURe Jobs, and We aLL knOw tH4t’s an is5uE tH4t’s a LittLe ToO cLosE To hOMe.

SoMetiMes i tHink We aRe aLREady aRtiFiCiaLLy inT3LLi9EncE.

*(PictURe fRom NYTiMes)


CuT3 Aint sh3?
I just sAw h3R n cUdnt ReSist nOt tAKiNg a Pic of h3R…
..and afT3R a c0upLe of shOts sh3 FiNaLLy H4d enUf and WanT3d To dEvoUReR my Lens.

THis shOt Was tAkEn just m0Ments bEfORe tH4t… sh3 H4d h3R sMaLL tinY H4nds stRetch3d oUt To gRab D4 Lens and PuLL in To h3R m0uth. h3h3.(Nathij)

LuKisAn iNi aQ BUat MeNgGuNaKAn dRaWiNg Pen, PigMen, D4n cat AiR Di atAs kERtAs KARTon. UkURan asLinY4 60 x 60 cm.

KaReNa VinKA kURaNg PinT3R mAiNin PigMen D4n cat AiR Y4… GiNi dEcH jADinY4, WaRNanY4 jADi eNgGak T3RatUR, BahKAn sAmpAi LuntUR-LuntURan KAY4k GiNi.


TaPi T3RnY4tA H4SiLnY4 bEn3R-bEn3R T3RLiH4t sERem, sE5uAi dEnGan T3Ma Y4Ng DiamBiL, HiHiHi.

I LoVE it. VERy WeLL dOn3.
ExcELLent MacRo, VERy bEaUtiFuL c0LoR and dEtAiL!
It LoOks So bEaUtiFuL.WH4t a LoVELy c0ncEpt. GREat captURe.


So juicy! mmmm… dELiCiOus 🙂
REaLLy  AWeSoMe! ([sem])

Pen9En NgGak PunY4 b0n3KA-b0n3KA caNtiK sEPeRti iNi?


INi b0n3KA D4Ri MOMA (MusEUm of ModERn ARt).


TEh Su5u KuRuMi ^_^

JaDi inGat dEh sAMa HiNa Mat5uRi (雛祭り, ひなまつり), fEstiVaL b0n3KA Y4Ng DiaD4KAn sEtiap tANgGaL 3 MaRet D4n sERiNg DiNaMaKAn “fEstiVaL aNak PeRemPUan“.

PaD4 tANgGaL itU sEtiap kELUaRGa Y4Ng MeMiLiKi aNak GaDis MeMajANg KOLekSi b0n3KA MeReKA D4n bERdOa 5uPaY4 aNak GaDis MeReKA BisA tUmBuwH dEWasA D4n sELaLu DibERi kE9EmBiRAan.