Th3 sEaSon of RAiNiER ch3RRiEs


SToRy and ReCiPe on La TaRtin3 GoURMandE.

WH4t a gREat shOt–VERy ch3ERy. I LoVE thOsE–We usEd To H4VE a tReE in oUR Y4Rd at anOth3R hOusE of oURs and th3y WeRe SoOoO g0od!


DEath CoMes UnnOticEd As OuR DisAppEaRancE Is REaLi2ed. AfT3R th3 dEath of a cLosE FaMiLy MembER I caMe To th3 REaLizAtiOn tH4t I am aLSo m0RtAL.

Peaceful Graveyard

Peaceful Graveyard2

SoMeD4y I WiLL dEFiNiT3Ly DiE.

Vinchan, I will steal your heart

stEaL my hEaRt? stEaL my hEaRt? stEaL my hEaRt?


i tHink Rob0ts LikE tHis aRe pRetty c0oL… We can dEFiNiT3Ly usE it To oUR bEn3Fit… wH4t i W0RRy ab0ut th3 m0st is tH4t We’LL ReLy ToO hEaViLy on it and it’s g0iNg To RepLacE FutURe Jobs, and We aLL knOw tH4t’s an is5uE tH4t’s a LittLe ToO cLosE To hOMe.

SoMetiMes i tHink We aRe aLREady aRtiFiCiaLLy inT3LLi9EncE.

*(PictURe fRom NYTiMes)


Posted on: Mei 29, 2009

Th3 MButi tRibE H4s LiVEd in th3 ItURu FoRest fOR ManY thOusAnds of yEaRs and nOw th3y’VE Lost th3iR tRaDitiONaL HuntiNg gRoUnds To Log9ERs H4cKiNg th3 tRoPicaL W0Ods.

Wh3n th3iR fORest hOMe H4s DisAppEaRed, PygMiEs bEc0Me PaUPeRs.


THis phOTogRaph is UNBELIEVABLE! I can fEEL th3 stARe in th3 LittLe b0y’s eYes.

PictURe by McMaRcLoUWes (1985)

ghost of a mist

a ghOst of a Mist Was on th3 FiELd
th3 gRey and th3 gReEn To9Eth3R…

H4Ri iNi, tANgGaL 1 Mei 2009, aQ D4Pet KiRiMan ch3ck 15 RiBu US DoLLaR D4Ri Bank of oBaMa.


tAU NgGak PeRasAankU kEtiKA D4Pet ch3ck iNi?
Ehm… sEbENaRnY4.., BiasA ajA tUwh.