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YEah.. th3Re aRe a Lot of fRiEnds and pEopLe whO sAid To Me “U aRe REaLLy stRan9E“…

But tH4ts nOt tRuE. Cuz i dOnt LikE SoMe tHinks eVERy GiRLs LikE oR fRiEnds dOesn’t mEan tH4t i am stRan9E…

just sPeCiaL and DiffERent. I am pRoUd To bE DiffERent…. 😉



Oh So sHy, Can’t LoOk at YoU.
FeLL in LoVE,
So tiMid

vinka-muanizVinKA dE aRt

THis is Me, and I dOn’t knOw why I’m wRitiNg tHis LikE SoMeb0dy eLsE is g0nNa REad it.  I’m nOt pLanNiNg on shOWiNg it To anYb0dy.  Nob0dy’s g0nNa REad tHis.  THis is fOR Me.

So h3LLo Me whO WiLL on3 D4y fLip Back To tHis Pa9E To sEE hOw it aLL stART3d.  Hi FutURe Me.  I 5uRe hOPe tH4t wh3Re YoU aRe wh3n YoU’Re REaDiNg tHis is bEtT3R tH4n wh3Re I am as I wRiT3 tHis.