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YEah.. th3Re aRe a Lot of fRiEnds and pEopLe whO sAid To Me “U aRe REaLLy stRan9E“…

But tH4ts nOt tRuE. Cuz i dOnt LikE SoMe tHinks eVERy GiRLs LikE oR fRiEnds dOesn’t mEan tH4t i am stRan9E…

just sPeCiaL and DiffERent. I am pRoUd To bE DiffERent…. 😉


H4Ri iNi, tANgGaL 1 Mei 2009, aQ D4Pet KiRiMan ch3ck 15 RiBu US DoLLaR D4Ri Bank of oBaMa.


tAU NgGak PeRasAankU kEtiKA D4Pet ch3ck iNi?
Ehm… sEbENaRnY4.., BiasA ajA tUwh.

“I Was a LittLe GiRL, aLon3 in my LittLe W0RLd, whO dREaMed of a LittLe hOMe fOR Me.

I pLaYed pReT3nd bEtWeEn th3 tReEs, and fEd my hOusEGuEsts BaRk and LEaVEs, and LaUgh3d in th3 pRetty bEd of gReEn.

I H4d a DREam
TH4t I c0uLd fLy fRom th3 High3st SWING, I H4d a DREam.”
LyRics by PRisCiLLa Ahn, AmandaK{CelebrateLifePh otography}.