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YEah.. th3Re aRe a Lot of fRiEnds and pEopLe whO sAid To Me “U aRe REaLLy stRan9E“…

But tH4ts nOt tRuE. Cuz i dOnt LikE SoMe tHinks eVERy GiRLs LikE oR fRiEnds dOesn’t mEan tH4t i am stRan9E…

just sPeCiaL and DiffERent. I am pRoUd To bE DiffERent…. 😉



ARe YoU upsEt LittLe fRiEnd? HaVE YoU bEen LYiNg aWakE W0RRYiNg?

WeLL, dOn’t W0RRy… I’m h3Re. Th3 fLoOd WaT3Rs WiLL RecEdE, th3 FaMin3 WiLL end, th3 5un WiLL sHin3 Tom0RRow, and I WiLL aLWays bE h3Re To tAkE caRe of YoU.
(CH4RLiE BRown To SnOopy)


PictURe: LisA M (PixxL)
TH4nks LisA ^_^

LoVE hOw th3 Wet ROad is RefLectiNg eVERytHiNg… YoU dEFiNiT3Ly caUght th3 c0Ld and Wet atm0sph3Re!


THis PictURe GiVEs Me SoMe gREat Mem0RiEs.


Big Bad WoLf is aRoUnd h3Re SoMewh3Re….

PhOTo by REaLkUhL


Oh So sHy, Can’t LoOk at YoU.
FeLL in LoVE,
So tiMid


CuT3 Aint sh3?
I just sAw h3R n cUdnt ReSist nOt tAKiNg a Pic of h3R…
..and afT3R a c0upLe of shOts sh3 FiNaLLy H4d enUf and WanT3d To dEvoUReR my Lens.

THis shOt Was tAkEn just m0Ments bEfORe tH4t… sh3 H4d h3R sMaLL tinY H4nds stRetch3d oUt To gRab D4 Lens and PuLL in To h3R m0uth. h3h3.(Nathij)

I LoVE it. VERy WeLL dOn3.
ExcELLent MacRo, VERy bEaUtiFuL c0LoR and dEtAiL!
It LoOks So bEaUtiFuL.WH4t a LoVELy c0ncEpt. GREat captURe.


So juicy! mmmm… dELiCiOus 🙂
REaLLy  AWeSoMe! ([sem])