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I stART3d my D4y With a dRiVE To th3 LakE To catch th3 m0RNiNg Mist RiSiNg fRom th3 WaT3Rs tH4t c0oLed oVERNight.


It H4s bEen So WaRm th3sE D4ys and Nights tH4t th3 Mist is nOt as tHick as u5UaL…But it stiLL offERs SoMe bREath-tAKiNg gLoRy.

LoVE hOw th3 Wet ROad is RefLectiNg eVERytHiNg… YoU dEFiNiT3Ly caUght th3 c0Ld and Wet atm0sph3Re!


THis PictURe GiVEs Me SoMe gREat Mem0RiEs.

ghost of a mist

a ghOst of a Mist Was on th3 FiELd
th3 gRey and th3 gReEn To9Eth3R…